Why Choose Me As Your Provider?

There are many helping professionals available to assist you with your presenting concerns. As you go through the maze of attempting to locate the provider who is right for you, it can often be confusing and a bit overwhelming when you try and identify the right provider to assist you along your journey in life.

It is my opinion that there are many excellent providers who are available to meet your counseling and problem resolution needs. Who are they and how will you know when you meet the right person are the questions. Most often, your insurance and/or your employee assistance program will give you three names to contact for possible services. You may wonder what should I ask the counselor that will help me to know if he or she is the one for me. Among the questions that you might ask are the following:

1. Do you have experience/training do you have treating my concerns/issues?
2. How much experience do you have treating issues like mine?
3. Do you have evening or weekend or special hours to see clients?
4. What is your philosophy for treating clients who have my concerns/issues?
5. Do you do objective evaluations when assessing people? Which ones do you use?
6. What is your success rate treating people with my types of concerns/issues?
7. What motivates you to do this type of helping work with others?
8. What is your treatment approach for this type of concern/issue?
9. Optional- Do you offer spiritually based counseling services if needed?
10. What do you do if little or no progress is being made in counseling after several sessions?
11. How long are your sessions and how often will I need to be seen?
12. How do you know when a client/clients are ready to discharge from counseling?

There are many questions you can ask and these are a starting point. It is important to find a counselor/therapist who has years of experience treating clients in all types of settings, such as inpatient, day hospital, residential and outpatient so that the counselor understands what level of services may be needed in your situation. The counselor can also understand if you have a family member or friend or loved one who is receiving clinical services in one of the more restrictive levels of care such as inpatient or day programming. It is also important to have a counselor who has experience treating clients who are on medication because medications are so widely used today and they can impact a client's reaction to the counselor's clinical interventions. It is also important for the counselor to be able to tell you when it is time to refer you to another provider for specialized services that the counselor does not provide.

Each counselor and treating professional are required to make certain that they are providing the highest level of ethical and effective services to you. It is also important for the counselor to have a positive outlook on life and upon their profession and the services that they provide to you. Continuing education and on-going training are a must in order for counselors to keep abreast of the changes and improvements in the counseling field.

I believe that I am doing the activities outlined above in order to provide you with the highest quality clinical services. I am attending multiple training programs and workshops each year that are beyond what is required for continuing education requirements for my licenses. I practice positive psychotherapy which means that I will take a positive view of you and your situation. I will work hard to help you to overcome whatever difficulties that you are currently experiencing. I have recently received another advanced degree which means that I have a total of four earned Doctoral degrees. I have just gotten an additional certification in a specialized treatment area. I just completed a research monograph outlining the relationship between spirituality and quantum physics and how these two areas are applied to improving the lives of others.

I respect each client that I have the privilege to work with. I feel blessed to know that I have helped so many people in the 28 years I have been practicing. I cannot think of any other activity that I would have liked to have spent my life doing. I feel called to serve mankind and I am grateful for that opportunity each and every day.

Finally, I greatly enjoy what I do and I wake up each morning with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to do what I do and to live a positive fulfilling life. I believe that positive change is occurring in all of our lives and we must identify it and remove any blocks that keep it from happening. I would appreciate having the opportunity to assist you and yours in this positive change process. Please call 281-444-2678 to get your questions answered and to arrange an appointment and to get started on making the most out of your life in every way possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and to learn more about me.

John Garlock, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, LCDC

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