Lifestyle Coaching Services: A Positive Alternative For Change

Each one of us is being bombarded daily by the complexities of life, situational and chronic stressors and continuous change that confronts us. We can become situationally overwhelmed and use negative coping strategies in order to try and manage your stress and life issues. Unfortunately for us, we often make a wrong choice and use a self defeating coping skill such as over eating, self medication with sugar, caeffine and nicotine which leads us into acute and chronic life style based life challenges that can negatively contribute to your health, happiness and longevity.

Has your treating Physician told you that you need to change something important about your health and life style? Have you been unable to do so no matter how hard you tried? Does it just seem to be impossible? Our Life Coaching Program will provide you with the opportunity to have a trained coach support and assist you on your journey to happiness, wholeness and restoration. The chaos in your life keeps you from finding the success that you are seeking. We will provide you with a structured program to assist you to make the life changes that you need to make in order for you to resolve your issues so that you become more effective in your life. A large variety of similar programs were reviewed before the Life Coaching Program was chosen.

The Life Coaching Program does not focus on symptoms but rather it focuses on the habits, lifestyle issues and the maximum coordination of your efforts to obtain the life that you are seeking. There are many programs that claim to promote wellness but they do not address the underlying issues that contribute to the chaos in your life. Life chaos can easily lead to learned helplessness and feelings of hopelessness and failure.

You will have a trained Lifestyle Coach to walk with you through the coaching and change process. You will have individualized attention whenever you need it in the program. The program consists of 10 sessions of lifestyle change and enhancement methods that were developed in the program. You will have a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to obtain your personal goals and you will have a trained coach to assist you along the way.

The Program uses the D.R.E.S.S. Model as the underlying foundation for all of the life coaching activities. The DRESS Program is as follows: D=Diet; R=Rest; E=Exercise; S=Stress Reduction; S= Supplements. There form the basic core of the program and are individualized so that they do not place a burden on you. There are many options within each of these aspects of the DRESS Model and options will be chosen that best suite you and your lifestyle. We will work with your treating medical providers and will ask that you keep your medical providers informed as to your health status, your medication needs, your lifestyle changes and your functional status as you go through and successfully complete the program.

Contact me today at 281-444-2678 to arrange for an initial Lifestyle Coaching consultation. Once you have enrolled in the program, you will complete a variety of evaluations so that your exact program needs can be determined. No two clients will ever receive the same program due to the program being highly individualized and tailored to your unique needs. Start your personal journey of restoration and possibility today!

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