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Each one of us encounters stress in our daily lives.  For some of us, those stresses are repetitive types of stressors that are not going to change in the forseeable future.  If we cannot change a stressor at this time, our only opportunity is to change ourselves and to learn how to accommodate, manage or resolve the stressor at the present time.  Stress effects nearly every part of our body and our mind.  Stress contributes to 66% of all hospitalizations.  People develop other problems such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sugar abuse, tobacco abuse and various illnesses due to stress.  

There are simple techniques that you can learn that will allow you to manage your stress and to manage your health an well being more effectively.  There are simple techniques that you can learn that will significantly reduce your stress levels if you implement them in your life.  

The MUSE 2 is a relatively new stress management device that consists of a headband that is worn touching your forehead with a holder placed above your ears for comfortability and easy use.  It measures, in real time, your EEG waves, your heart rate and your breathing and it teaches you how to positively alter each one of these areas of functioning in your body,  You learn how to relax and how to find your "zone". Simultaneous feedback provides you with a clear understanding of your body's feedback to you as a result of your reactions to your inner self and your environment.  In a few short sessions, you will be able to master the impact of stress upon you and you will find improved health and psychological well being.

Dr. Garlock also utilizes the HeartMath program as well to address stress reactions.  This program will teach you how to balance your mind, heart and emotions so that you can maximize your health and functioning and creativity.


John Garlock, Ed.D., Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, LCDC

To learn more about your stress patterns and your stress reactions, contact our office at 281-444-2678 to schedule an appointment.  A thorough stress assessment will be conducted and a stress management program will be formulated for you. Call 281-444-2678 to schedule today.

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