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Why Is My Life So Negative?

Education Article: Why Is My Life So Negative?
At times, in life, it is necessary to protect outselves from negative places, people and societal influences.  It is noted that each one of us has the potential to be bombarded with negative influences in our personal lives, work lives and families and friends.  Most often people do not realize that they are being negative but that lack of awareness does not keep them from impacting us on a deeper level thatn we might like it to be.  Most often, we expose ourselves to the news, to peoples social commentaries about what is going on in the world, media influences, data  over loading and being chained to our electronics and media devices. We often complain that we are too busy, too tired, too stressed, too over loaded and too numb to do anything about the impact of these negative factors upon each of us.  It is easy to become a victim of the relentless inputing of data and information that leaves us feeling as though we are experiencing learned helplessness.  Do we have the right to live our lives richly and fully with appropriate boundaries and happiness and joy? Some say that the negativity we are experiencing is a by product of our life style and tha we need to "get over it". 

Is the negativity that you are experiencing yours or someone elses?  Do we have the right to set boundaries and to engage in self care and self direction?  What do we owe others? Our lives, our health, our wellbeing, our happiness?  Do we have choices about all of this or are we just pawns in a larger game called life?  Are you a victim or a victor?  If you have not done so, please take the time to read the book, "Who Moved My Cheese"!  Who is moving your chesse? You or an ex or a controlling family member or a passive aggressive significant other or someone who could really care less about you?  Can you become re-empowered and take charge of your life and your destiny and be with others in a way that does not compromise your values, beliefs, integrity and your happiness?  Why did each of us give away our self determination and self worth and self understanding?

It is never too late to reclaim yourself, your values, your beliefs, your emotions, your experience and your life!  In doing so, it does not mean that we have to relinquish everything that we have and start all over.  It simply means that, one by one, we have to realign our priorities, our needs and wants and become aligned with our purpose, our possibilities, our hopes and dreams and our vision of the future that we can create simply by visioning and believing it.  The movie, The Secret, explains and applies the Law of Attraction, which is one of the universal laws that governs our world. Simply go to: www.thesecret.tv and watch this low cost movie to witness and understand the infinite realm of possibilities that exist for you and for each one of us that we can tap into and utilize to support our efforts at personal change, growth and fulfillment.

Do you ever wonder why so many negative people are in your life? Do you wonder why do I attract these types of people? If you do wonder, it is because you both consciously and unconsnciously attract them to feed on you.  By being nice to an energy and emotional bampire you say to them that you are host and that they can feed on you at will.  You will also notice it is just about impossible to get them to quit feeding on you once they start.  They love the taste of the energy they take from you without your even noticing that it is being taken.  After they feed, you feel tired and run down and it takes days to get your energy back if you do get it back.  I understand this process and I can help you stop being energetic and emotional food for the vampires that surround you.

One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.  That is an exercise in futility and is fruitless and time and energy wasting at best if it does not yield the positive results that you are looking for.  Contact me today so that we can co-create the life that you are seeking and visualizing and wanting to create in the immediate future.  All things are possible if we will just allow the possibilities to exist in each of us.  The new field of quantum physics is identifying and studying the realm of possibility and the certainty that our world is really structured quite differently than the original Newtonian Physics said it was.  If you desire to make positive changes in your life today, please contact me at 281-444-2678 and we will work together to support and assist you to find the happiness and well being that you seek.  It really is only a thought, belief and emotion away!

Dr. John Garlock

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