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When Only The Date Changes And Nothing Else

Education Article: The Struggle For Meaning In Our Lives: When Only The Date/Day Changes
As I sit watching "The Shift" video by Dr. Wayne Dyer, I am reminded that the days and dates of are lives are going by at the speed of a blur.  This blur causes us to lose perspective and focus and we succumb to the artificial reality that surrounds us.  This artificial reality is of our own creating and it allows each of us to avoid the true issues and meaning of our lives.  I am reminded of the opening line of the famous soap opera, The Days Of Our Lives, that that been on the air for many years.  This opening line is, "Like the sands of an hour glass these are the days of our lives".  I have seen many years come and go and each as it's own meaning to me.  I am certain that we all experience this at some time or another.  I have difficulty recalling some years over others and I have noticed that my later life years are the ones that have the most signifiant meaning for me.  I have been engaged in the active pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding for all of my adult life.  And yet, the most significant teachings have some when I was ready and willing to receive them.  We all live in various aspects of ourselves including our minds, ego, heart and body and where we choose to spend the most time is really up to us. 

A close friend of mine reminded me recently that there are aspects of our lives in which only the date or day changes and nothing else.  Perhaps it is a family relationship or a business situation or a problem that eludes solution or a health issue or some other type of difficulty whose solution eludes us no matter how hard we try to fix or resolve it. When only the date and day change, we are living in the Bill Murray movie, Ground Hog Day" which typifies the circular patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions that we pursue in a futile attempt to relieve our suffering about something over which we most often do not have control.  I had a dog when I was a young child that would chase his tail until he would grow tired and finally get dizzy and fall over.  He never caught his tail.  I noticed that tail chasing is a very popular form of activity in our current society and in our lives that leads to no satisfaction or desired conclusion.  If you are "chasing your tail and not catching it" perhaps your time and energy would be better spent in other activities that are more productive.

We are all creatures of habit and tail chasing and not changing the date/day become habits that are ingrained in our perception, thoughts, feelings and actions.  We become the victim of ourselves but we will most often blame others or certain conditions instead of looking within for the answers and solutions.  When we become victims we lose our personal power and our empowerment and we feel controlled and defeated in our efforts to find meaningful solutions to the issues that we are experiencing.

So what do we do?  Should we be relegated to Ground Hog Day and lives of repetition and meaninglessness?  Do we have choices or do we "go down with the ship".  Are we ever to old to find ourselves and the meaning that life holds for each of us.  The movie "The Shift" directs us to listen within and to find the meaning of life for ourselves and not for others.  Do we take a risk and break out of our own habits and ways and try something new?  Or do we simply settle as we have so often in the past.  This is a fundamental life question that each one of must answer for ourselves.  I do not believe that there is a wrong answer and I believe that we are all in a positive forward movin developmental process that supports us in our quest to find ourselves at whatever time in life that we find ourselves.

Personal therapy and self improvement activities can assist you to find the answers to the questions that you are asking, have been asking and will ask in the future.  It is not necessary to live out each day in a Ground Hog Day Movie or to live each day simply turning the page on the calendar of life. 

Dr. John Garlock

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