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Simple Skills To Keep A Woman Happy

Education Article: Simple Skills To Keep A Woman Happy
It seems that the harder you try to keep a woman happy, the more you don't!  Trying to guess what a woman wants and needs is like trying to guess the weather on any given day.  It is very important to ask any woman what makes her happy and then to do what she tells you to do that will make her happy.  Often, men guess at what makes a woman happy and we are all aware of what happens when we guess at that! We often unconsciously try to find a woman like our mother because that is the role model for womanhood that most men know.  Each of us has preferences for what we want in the woman who we want to share our lives with.  Often, we forget what those preferences are and concentrate on the emotion of love and how to keep the "high" going in the relationship.  A singer in the 70's, B.J. Thomas, who is from the Houston area sang some famous words about love and relationships: "Whatever happened to old fashioned love, the kind mom and daddy knew?"  Most of us do not want to recreate all aspects of our parents marriage because we know too well the difficulties that they and others go through in order to remain happy and satisfied.  Keeping a woman happy has as much to do with our being able to create our own happiness apart from anyone elses happiness.  If we become dependent upon another to make us happy we lose sight of ourselves and our own needs and desires. 

On the subconscious level, we select a woman who is similar to our mother or to any female caretaker who helped raise us during childhood and beyond. This also occurs in our selected companion and both partners utilize the subconscious mind to select their significant other and then turn the other person into the person that our parent or caretaker was for us.  Neither partner really has a chance in the sense that each person acts out their unresolved conflicts and issues with their opposite sex parent or caretaker.  In one sense it truly is the blind leading the blind through the relationship maze.

Here are the steps a man can take to listen and care for the woman in his life so that their communication is more effective and reciprocal:
1.  Women don't always know what the problem they are having is and this is the reason they need to talk to others and process the issues that they are experiencing;
2.  When talking to a woman, face them and show interest in what they have to say and make eye contact and keep the connection alive between the two of you;
3.  Pay attention to what she is saying and let her know that you are paying attention to her while she talks and processes her issues;
4.  At times during the conversation, restate to her in your own words what she has told you so that she knows that you got her message the way she intended it to you;
5.  If she sighs while talking, this often means she is experiencing a release of either emotion, stress or tension which will benefit both you and her as you communicate;
6.  Continue to listen and periodically restate what she has said to you in your own words so that she knows that her communication with you is being received;
7.  Do not try and fix her problem, just merely listen and offer advice only when asked because she is capable of solving her own problems with or without your input;
8.  A man who really listens is showing his love for his woman and is a white knight on a white horse and not a black knight on a black mule;
9.  Help her around the house and do not let her do it all alone because when a woman is tired she does not have the energy in the bedroom;
10. Don't replace her emotionally with one of your children, and vice versa, because kids grow up and leave home and empty the nest which leaves the two of you alone;
11. Do special things for her just because you want to and not because you have to or you are trying to get out of the dog house.

When a woman knows that she is special to a man, she reciprocates through her heart and both the man and the woman are happier and more content.  Each of us has a maintenance contract that we bring into the relationship similar to the maintenance schedule on a car.  It is important to service the relationship so that it does not breakdown and cost each member expensive repair or trade in fees.  Your relationship is designed to last a lifetime if you treat it accordingly.  It really is as simple as that!

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