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Making Dreams A Reality

Education Article:Why Do Some People Only Dream While Others Make Their Dreams Reality

It is not good enough just to wish for good things in your life without having the methods or plan to make your dreams your reality.  Anyone can make a list of what they want or do not want.  But few of us really create the love relationship, the financial independence or have the career that we really want.  Most of us settle for something less and we know that we have done so for the rest of our lives.  This does not mean that having a nice significant other, some money in the bank and having a job  that we kinda enjoy is a failure.  We all know people who have achieved their goals in life and enjoy the successes that we only dream about.  What is the difference between them and us?  Do they have a secret that none of us have that allows them to have what we only dream about.  Are they smarter, better looking than us, have a rich uncle of aunt or did they happen to be lucky and be in the right place at the right time?  We spend our precious time wondering about how other people become what we would like to become. It seems as though the majority of people fail to have this level of success in their lives.  The reason that we do not have the same level of success is due to the mental and emotional blocks that we were given in childhood that we are still believing and acting on today even though these blocks were taught to us many many years ago when we were children.

If you have blocks regarding money, relationships, your career and your family, these blocks will cause you to see your dreams as being unattainable and as being beyond your reach.  When you decide that, you have created a block that will prevent you from obtaining that which you desire so much now and in the future.  You can become sad and disappointed and depressed when you continue to ask yourself, "What have I done wrong?" and "Why can't I have what they have?"  This frame of mind provides you with the thought pattern I call, "The dis-ease of lack" which means the uncomfortableness you feel when you think about or are exposed to the perceived lack of whatever it is you want in your life.  It can be financial lack, emotional lack (depression), relationship loss or isolation, or any other similar type of situation and circumstance.

The journey to materialize the things that we want begins early in life when we are children.  Our parents and caretakers teach each of us about money, relationships, jobs and marriage, etc.  We are often taught incorrect or conflicting messages which cause us to then adopt our parents views even if they are outdated or wrong or create problems for everyone involved.  My mother was in the Great Depression of the 1930's and she always taught me to "save for a rainy day" and "Don't grow old without a good retirement" and "A penny saved is a penny earned" and "Hard times are coming, just wait and see".  During my life, there has not been a great depression and society has changed and many of the teachings of society have changed to match the changes in our culture.  Do you hear these types of messages in your head talking to you? If you do, don't worry about whether you are crazy or not because you are not crazy.  You are just repeating what you were taught as a child out of loyalty for your parents and because no one ever challenged what your parents said or did when you were a child.  Your family heritage and teachings and parental examples have taught you your beliefs and views about these issues.   Whatever they told you is likely what you believed even if it did not sound right to you at the time. 

You can learn to overcome these past incorrect or ineffective teachings by attending 12 step programs, church or spiritually based programs, Mastermind Groups and other learning and growth activities. 

Dr. John Garlock

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