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Finding Self Understanding

Education Article:Finding Self Understanding

The quest for self knowledge and understainding is a primary force in many people lives.  Where does self understanding come from? Is it in a book, on television, in a self help program, in church or does it come from friends and/or family?  The truth is that the "nudges" we receive are uniquely ours and come from many sources.  We live in a dynamic energy field called the "Unified Energy Field (UEF) which has been scientifically documented and researched.  Spiritually based people believe that we are all connected and that we come from God at conception and return to God at the time of our death.   Many of us feel connected to a power greater than ourselves that has many names in many cultures.  We all ask inspiring questions such as "Who Am I?", "What Is My Purpose In Life?", Who Is Running My Life?", "What Am I Called To Do Next In My Life?", "Does My Life Matter In The Grand Scheme Of Things?" and "Do I Follow My Mind Or My Heart Or God?'.  Do we ask these questions to learn, grow and change, or do we ask them to see how we respond and see what happens as a result of asking the questions.  Why ask questions if we have nothing to act on?

In my life, I receive guidance from my intuition, from my knowing, from my relationship with God, from my life experiences, from my mind, from my heart, and from that which I have learned on the path of life and those whom I have met while seeking the truth, wherever I might be led to go and search for the truth.  I am so grateful to those who have taught me, those who have blessed me, those who have accepted me, those who have loved me and from those who have accompanied me on this path called life.

We have free will and the ability to make choices, some of which will prove to be self fulfilling or self defeating or self aggrandizing or self sustaining.  Self knowledge, self introspection, self revelation, self discernment and self reflection are important facets of self understanding.  We each have a public self, a private self, a physical self, a spiritual self, a social self and an observing self that combine to assist us to create our reality moment by moment.  We receive "nudges" from a variety of sources that we either accept or reject or question.  These questions are an important part of self understanding and require energy and time be directed into these activities in order for each one of to reap what we sow.   So were do we go from here?  There are self supportive activities that we can engage in which will enrich us and lead us to that place that we desire to go.  Self supportive activities include journaling, mindfulness, prayer, meditation, self improvement reading, self improvement workshops, joining with others of  similar mindfulness, spiritual intention and beliefs.  It is time to consider finding our own path even in the midst of our crazy, cluttered and overwhelming lives.  It is important to remember that we create that which we put belief, intention and emotion into.   We sometimes choose to place our focus and desire on issues and people who are ultimately not who we want them to be and who may never be who or what we want them to be.  We get distracted from our inner self and adopt the inner self of others who are not worthy of having that part of themselves given to us. The people who frustrate us the most are, in fact, our greatest teachers.  We do not attract what we want but rather we attract what we are.  Often, those qualities that we like or dislike in others are, in fact, reflections of the qualities that we possess ourselves.  Those who frustrate us the most are often our greatest teachers if we will just allow them to be.  How simple is that?  And yet, we reject them for many thoughtful reasons that are simply defenses that prevent us from seeing and being ourselves.  Are you willing to see your true self?  If so, you will find a marvelous being who is being guided to many new and wonderful and exciting opportunites if we can simply accept our path as being the road we need to travel  to self actualization.  You can start a program of personal introspection and development today.  Once you find your true self, you are truly home and at one with you and your sense of purpose.  It is a marvelous journey that I have been on for many years and I expect to be on this journey for the rest of my days.  You can co-create new realities with other like minded people in 12 step programs and other self growth programs in your community so that you can find the happiness, self fulfillment, motivation and self understanding that comes from participating in an effective therapeutic process that leads you to self change and to a renewed life with new skills for daily living.  The future you desire is waiting for you to invest some time and energy into it.  One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.  Start writing your new life script today by joining other like minded people who are on a similar path of personal discovery!

Dr. John Garlock

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